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Thank you to our many career center partners

Detroit at Work works with a number of well-know workforce partners to manage our career centers around the city. Find our more about them in the boxes below – we could not do this work without their help.

Gesher Human Services
Uniting two of Detroit’s most influential Jewish human services agencies, JVS Human Services and Kadima, Gesher brings over 110 years of combined experience facilitating equitable employment opportunities and better mental health outcomes for local residents. Gesher Human Services is a bridge to hope and opportunity for people at work, at home, and in the community. Gesher’s workforce, behavioral health, and inclusion programming serves all Metro Detroiters while meeting the needs of the Jewish community.
Payne Pulliam School
Payne-Pulliam School (PPS), established in 1973, was the first commercial school in Detroit offering individualized instruction, small classes and open-entry enrollment to clients of MRS. In addition, PPS offered remedial education, skills training and personal development classes to summer youth employment participants and provided remedial education to DPS students.

After receiving Accreditation, PPS offered vocational classes to residents of Detroit in several clerical courses patterning its teaching and success after the Detroit High School of Commerce. Graduates were able to obtain jobs in major corporations located in Detroit. PPS remained accredited until 1996. Vocational schools in Detroit, utilizing financial aid were in jeopardy and either closed or relocated outside of the city.

In 1996-97, PPS became a Michigan Works! Affiliate contractor providing Job Preparation/Job Readiness training to TANF recipients in Wayne County. In 2001, PPS became a Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL) Program contractor, providing ABE / GED Test Preparation. In 2002 PPS became a provider to the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program for youth ages 19-21.

PPS is currently providing services as an Eastside Career Center that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Employment and Training

  • Barrier Buster Resources

  • Services from Legal Aid Defenders - Individual Legal Consultations

  • Black Family Development Resources

  • SASHA – Domestic Violence Workshops

  • Services from SASHA – Sexual Assault Services for Holistic Healing & Awareness

  • GDYT Provider since 2012

  • Entrepreneurship Training/Workshops

  • Counseling Services (Group and Individual)

  • Literacy/GED Preparation Classes

  • Chemical Bank / Comerica Bank Providing- Literacy Workshops

Ross Innovative Employment Solutions
Ross Innovative Employment Services (Ross) provides high quality workforce services across the country. True to our namesake, we implement and create innovative ideas and solutions to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the local workforce system. Ross’ vision is to focus on critical workforce, economic, and educational/training challenges and opportunities to support a skilled workforce that meets the need of businesses and strengthens the local and state economy.

Our organization has had the privilege of serving Detroiters for over 25 years. We continue to make a difference in thousands of lives each year by connecting people to jobs and supporting economic development initiatives.

We believe in creating a safe and human-centered space and providing our customers with empowering experiences to help them achieve their goals. In addition to job readiness and employer services, we offer specialized services which include:

  • Mentoring and support using a strength-based approach. This service is provided by our Empowerment Coach-a licensed master social worker in a warm and therapeutic setting.

  • Financial Coaching - Make the most of your money!

  • Continuum of Learning Series - A web-based program that is designed to offer self-paced, personalized instruction. The intent of the program is to enhance and reinforce the educational levels of individuals who are looking to improve their marketability in the workforce.

  • Neighborhood Resources - Our Career and Community Outreach Coordinator is available to assist with community resources that will propel customers towards self-sufficiency.

Ross is committed to going above and beyond our mission to enable better lives.
SERCO, Inc. is an experienced and highly effective workforce development organization operating programs and managing Centers/American Job Centers in Detroit and across the country for almost 20 years.

In Detroit, SERCO offers a comprehensive menu of employment and training services that enhance the Detroit at Work Centers’ human centered model. This is accomplished through a variety of support services that complement the model which are made possible through SERCO’s parent company SER Metro Detroit. SER’s Center for Working Families, an integrated service delivery model was introduced at the Detroit at Work Career Centers operated by SERCO that connects job seekers to financial literacy and coaching and offers access to income supports to assist families become financially stable.

SER also operates the only Youth Reengagement Center in the City of Detroit, specializing in intensive wrap around coaching that includes: life skills, leadership development, basic skills enhancement and HS completion, along with employability skills and occupational skills training services to Opportunity Youth 16-24 years old. This center is located within the campus of the Detroit at Work Center at SER’s Main office at our Michigan Avenue location.

In addition, within the campus at this same at Michigan Avenue, ReBuild Detroit (formerly SER Bridges to Career Opportunities Program) is offered to Detroiters who are seeking a career in the skilled trades and services are provided by Center staff who are bilingual to address the needs of our Latino/Hispanic and Arabic communities.
Southwest Solutions
Southwest Solutions embraces a holistic model of serving families and individuals in our community to enhance their quality of life and their prospects for success.

We provide a broad range of programs and services, including job training and adult literacy, financial coaching, homebuyer education and homeownership services, affordable and supportive housing, mental health counseling for all ages, children and youth services, juvenile justice services, veteran services, real estate and commercial development, referrals to minority small business training and support, and more.

Southwest Solutions is proud to have been providing workforce development services to the citizens of Detroit for 10 years.
ACCESS enables and empowers individuals, families, and communities to lead informed, productive, and culturally sensitive lives. We assist our clients as they attain self-sufficiency. As a nonprofit model of excellence, we honor our Arab American heritage through community-building and service to those in need, regardless of their background. ACCESS is a strong advocate for cultural and social entrepreneurship imbued with the values of community service, healthy lifestyles, education, and philanthropy.

ACCESS offers comprehensive and holistic services to diverse populations including underserved low-income ethnic minority groups. ACCESS has seven locations, administering over 90 programs in the greater Metro Detroit area.

Through empowerment, advocacy and skills training, each department provides numerous programs that assist clients in overcoming issues. The many services offered include: a Michigan Works! One Stop Service Center in Dearborn and a Detroit at Work Center offering workforce development programming that assists in job placement and barrier removal. A Center for Working Families that provides financial literacy and financial management training. A Food and Shelter program that provides housing and food assistance to clients; an immigration services program that provides translation/interpretation and legal services; a health clinic and pharmacy to provide primary health care, screening, and education programs that raise awareness on various healthcare issues, such as tobacco cessation; mental health counseling and psychiatric care programs. There are also educational programs that provide academic tutoring, ESL training, ABE education and GED training; and civic engagement and voter registration programs.

ACCESS has been providing workforce development services to Detroiters since 1997.
Downriver Community Conference
The DCC has been a proud provider of re-employment services in the city of Detroit since 2012, and has successfully operated a variety of employment, training, and community development programs for over 43 years. Our expert teams guide job seekers through the maze of programs and services to best meet their needs. Current Detroit At Work Programs include:

  • The Trade Adjustment Assistance program, available to those who lost their jobs due to foreign trade and certified by USDOL. This program gives dislocated workers the opportunity to reinvent their careers and gain marketable skills and credentials to sustain them in the rapidly changing economy.

  • Through the Employment Service Program, which serves the general public, we are able to introduce job seekers and employers to the many programs, services and resources available through Detroit At Work and create a pipeline of referrals to available jobs and partner programs, provide a talent pool to our employers, and facilitate referrals to the many opportunities through the workforce and education programs offered by our partners. We are also trained and skilled in supporting individuals in applying for various programs and benefits including Unemployment Insurance Benefits, assistance through Department of Health and Human Services, Financial Aid, Housing and Food Assistance and Child Care.

  • Our WIOA program focuses on connecting Detroiters with post-secondary education opportunities and educational financial resources. Our experienced staff can guide students through educational, financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well as local and state initiatives.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit
For over 95 years, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit has been a leader in making a difference in people’s lives. We help individuals find work, hope and pride in their life and in their career. Goodwill delivers services based on the needs of those we serve. We work with businesses, non-profits and government agencies in Metro Detroit to make this happen. Our work would not be possible without our community partnerships.

Goodwill offers an array of employment and training services including career counseling and coaching, employability and soft skills training, welding skills training, GED preparation, financial literacy/coaching, transitional (paid) work experience, competitive job placement assistance and job retention services.
Development Centers
Development Centers has served the Detroit community for over 35 years as a trusted source of behavioral health, workforce development and early childhood programming. Our mission is to help children, adults and families live healthier, happier lives. We are a trusted partner in the community for those who are facing challenging circumstances.

We believe that everyone deserves access to opportunity. Whether it is access to quality education, meaningful employment or innovative mental health services. Every client that comes through our doors is treated holistically to meet that individual's unique needs. Our services touch the lives of over 12,000 Metro Detroit families each year.

Development Centers has been providing workforce development programming to the Detroit community since 1989 and is a leader in person-center service delivery. Our services focus on helping people gain independence through employment readiness, training and connecting any Detroiter to meaningful employment opportunities.
Equus Workforce Solutions
Equus Workforce Solutions, formerly ResCare Workforce Services, is the Nation’s leading provider of workforce development services in North America. Our 50+ year legacy of experience encompasses the development, design, and delivery of demand-driven workforce solutions.

A dedicated and passionate team of more than 2,500 workforce professionals put the industry’s best practices to work across more than 350 North American locations, assisting over 1.9 million job seekers and thousands of employers annually.

Equus Workforce Solutions is the most comprehensive workforce development company in the United States.

Become a Partner

If you’re looking to create new opportunities for Detroiters, then DESC wants to work with you.

We are looking for training partners who can fulfill training in our five high-growth and high-demand career sectors: healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, construction and transportation, and retail, hospitality, and entertainment.

DESC seeks to provide the highest quality training to Detroiters. Prospective training partners are welcomed to submit a training proposal that will enable participants to gain middle skilled employment that will place them on career pathways to finding and retaining training-related jobs.

For further information, please email

To receive a package, qualified applicants must provide via email the company name, address, office phone number, contact person’s name, title, and valid email address.