Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

Do You Create Opportunities for Detroiters?

If you’re looking to create new opportunities for Detroiters, then DESC wants to work with you.

We are looking for training partners who can provide training in our high-growth and high-demand industries and occupations.

DESC seeks to provide the highest quality training to Detroiters. Prospective training partners are welcomed to submit a training application that will enable participants to gain middle skilled employment that will place them on career pathways to finding and retaining training-related jobs.

To apply or inquiry, please send an email to

Please review the training application instructions and training application for more details on how to apply.

• Training Application Information & Instructions: DESC Training Application Information
• Training Application: DESC Training Provider Application

A Huge Thanks to Our Partners

We extend a huge thank you to all the employer and training partners who work with us to help Detroiters find opportunities.