Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation became the City of Detroit’s workforce agency in 2012.

DESC is a non profit organization organized to carry out the Detroit workforce area’s strategic plan, goals and objectives of the Mayors Workforce Development Board as the fiscal and administrative agent for workforce.

DESC is the lead agency for “Detroit at Work” which provided job placement, search, training, career advisement and other supportive services to tens of thousands of Detroiters every year.


DESC is the fiscal and administrative agent of the Mayor’s Workforce Development Board (MWDB), a body appointed by the Mayor. The MWDB is accountable to the Mayor’s office for the successful delivery of workforce programs across the city of Detroit.
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DESC’s leadership have two things in common: vast experience in workforce activities and strong ties across the community.
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We extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the partners who help us maintain and manage our nine career centers around the city of Detroit