Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

Greg Anderson
Executive Director of Community Health Corps

Greg Anderson is a native Detroiter, husband, father, human services executive, and contributor to the empowerment of residents impacted by generational poverty, unequitable access to resources, and trauma leading to poor social determinants of health. His expertise is often sought for programmatic solutions to community issues such as gun violence, connecting diverse population to workforce development opportunities and community-based crime reduction.

Greg is the Executive Director of the City of Detroit’s Community Health Corps (CHC) program. The CHC is a resource navigation program that assist vulnerable and disconnected residents with obtaining the resources needed to become basic needs secure, improve quality of life and scale economic mobility.

Greg is a graduate of Wayne State University holding a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Employment and Labor Relations. Greg’s greatest professional achievements are centered in providing life changing assistance to those faced with complex barriers preventing independent self-sufficiency. He designed the “Progressive Based Spending” model that guides direct supportive services assistance for residents serviced by the CHC. The model is a braided funding concept that leverages federal funding (restrictive) and philanthropic funding (unrestrictive) to move households from crisis status to basic needs secure.

In 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic this model provided $1.2M in assistance (in a four-month timeframe), impacting 2,500 residents and is projected to impact another 14,250 residents over the next 3 years. As Project Coordinator for the Goodwill Flip the Script program he assisted over 1,500 justice involved residents with navigating through integrating themselves into society. Also during his tenure at Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, he assisted 100+ justice-involved residents with gaining employment in the welding industry resulting in $4.5M ($1.5 million annually) in wage revenue for justice-involved Detroiters. His mission in life is to assist people of all ages and demographics to activate the full potential that lies within them. He is committed to connecting with people in a realistic way by using real life content to activate change, elevation, empowerment, and everlasting impact.